Episode 1: 07/07/11
Episode 2: 17/11/12
Episode 3: 30/03/12

Welcome to Ravens Wood TV

If you’ve always been curious about what it’s really like inside Ravens Wood School then this is a chance to see for yourself. RW TV launched in July 2011 is a way to show parents and young people the social, academic and enrichment sides of the school.  Ravens Wood’s Head of Media Studies, Mrs Ward facilitates the programme and a team of students from years 7-9 were recruited to produce it.
Producing an episode per term, the student team have the opportunity to develop a whole range of skills from planning and communication to digital editing. To produce the pilot programme, the first ‘TV Crew’ was recruited from year 8 as part of the school’s cross-curricular days at the end of term. Click here to watch the pilot and see how well the boys did on their first job.

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